July 2018 Update

The features listed below were added or enhanced during the new interface update.

  • Walls: Replaced by Boards and Employee Journals
  • Boards: Add your own custom boards
  • Employee Journals: Control access to each journal individually
  • Company Documents: Replaced by Documents
  • Documents: Upload from any browser
  • Documents: View access log
  • User Management: More options and flexibility in maintaining user accounts
  • Email Blast: Attachment support
  • Shift Trades: Administrators may create trades for employees
  • Shift Trades: Interface updated for mobile support
  • Shift Trades: Multiple approval system added
  • Calendar Editor: Vertical shift alignment setting for easier viewing
  • Calendar Editor: Split shift into multiple parts tool
  • Calendar Schedule: Control font size and line splitting per each device
  • Calendar Schedule: Vertical shift alignment setting for easier viewing
  • Shift Labels: Customizable for whatever your department needs (ex. beats, posts, vehicles)
  • Open Shift List: Additional list based view of open shifts in addition to calendar view

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