Scheduling Features

Schedule Tools

The core of PlanIt Police revolves around scheduling, and it provides many tools to quickly accomplish your job. PlanIt Police was designed with complete flexibility in mind. This will allow you full control over your schedule rather than preventing you from making necessary changes specific to your organization.

  • Calendar Editor
  • Timeline Editor
  • Spreadsheet Editor
  • Bulk Update
  • Minimum Staffing Warning
  • Double Staff Warning
  • Officer In Charge
  • Daily Notes
  • Shift Notes

Schedule Views

We know visibility is important. We have created a system in which everyone in your department will have access to see the schedule in real time with several different views. PlanIt Police also provides optional accounts for your local court offices to view officer’s schedules when planning court appearances.

  • Department Schedule
  • Dashboard Schedule
  • Local Court Access
  • Platoon Schedule
  • Reports
  • Color Coding
  • My Schedule
  • Court Appearances

Minimum Staffing

Not only can you manually enter any open shift or extra duty assignment, but the system will also automatically create open shifts when you go below your set minimum staffing levels. Set the minimum staffing levels by division and when you fall below, a red link will show up on the internally public schedule for qualified employees to offer to work.

  • By Division
  • Visibility
  • Approvals
  • Shift Requests
  • Warnings
  • Color Coding
  • Filters

Open Shifts

PlanIt Police will automatically post open shifts when you fall below minimum staffing but it will also allow you to post open shifts for extra duty or special assignments. You will be able to label them and set them for whenever you need it. Anyone qualified for the opening can click on it and offer to work it. As an Administrator, you can either require approval or have the person added right into the schedule.

  • Special Assignments
  • Notifications
  • Required Approvals
  • Shift Requests
  • Warnings
  • Auto Approvals
  • Shift Watching
  • Extra Duty
  • Special Events

Master Schedule / Rotations

PlanIt Police takes your department's rotations/master schedule and uses this to project the schedule into the future. There are scheduling templates in PlanIt that allow you to easily build out officer schedules. Each time you create a new schedule, your rotations and approved time off are used to build your schedule with a single click. PlanIt Police was built to easily handle the simplest rotations up to the most complex rotations.

  • 12 Hour Shifts
  • Any Shifts
  • Any Rotation Type
  • 10 Hour Shifts
  • Kelly Rotations
  • Shift Change Tool
  • 8 Hour Shifts
  • Day/Night Switch
  • Templates

Color Coding

Add color coding to customize how your schedule appears.

  • By Employee
  • By Shift
  • By Job
  • By Time Off
  • By Platoon
  • By Unit

Time Off

The PlanIt team recognizes that scheduling can become complicated when dealing with time off. Therefore, PlanIt Police provides simple solutions for time off allocations. Employees enter their requests which then go through an approval process. Once approved, they are entered on the schedule. During this process, checks are performed and time off balances are updated. This turns your job into one of approving the request, rather than managing the fall out.

  • Requests
  • Policies
  • History
  • Configurable
  • Restricted Dates
  • Accounting
  • Customizable Banks
  • Reporting
  • Approval
  • Multiple Approvals
  • Unlimited Banks
  • Cash Outs


One of the unique challenges Police Departments face is overtime. It’s unavoidable and requires special forms. PlanIt’s OT system was designed entirely off of feedback from Law Enforcement Agencies. An officer who has worked overtime can simply come in and submit overtime from wherever they are.

  • Forms
  • Comp Time
  • Multiple Approval
  • Reporting
  • Customizable Codes
  • Compensation Select
  • History
  • Labor Departments
  • Code Grouping
  • Approval Process
  • Hour Exports

Court Appearances

Much like overtime, court appearances are a unique challenge facing Police Departments. We have collaborated with court schedulers and administrative assistants at several Police Departments to build a perfect solution.

  • Notifications
  • Multiple Fields
  • Locations
  • Read Receipts
  • Primary Witness
  • Reporting
  • Continuances
  • Secondary Witness

Shift Trades

If your department allows shift trades, you can manage them through our shift trade features which makes it a simple approval process once both sides have agreed.

  • Approvals
  • Permissions
  • Trade Board
  • Notifications
  • Multiple Shifts

Digital Staffing Board

PlanIt’s Kiosk feature acts as a digital staffing board. Turn a spare computer into a viewer of your schedule, the weather, and special announcements available 24/7 in your squad or briefing rooms.

  • Schedule View
  • External URLs
  • Court Appearances
  • Slides
  • Announcements
  • IP Security
  • Weather
  • Time Off


PlanIt Police contains reports covering every feature within the system and we are always adding new reports. Each report can be downloaded into MS Excel, MS Word, or an Adobe pdf file.

  • 100+ Reports
  • Adobe PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • Configurable
  • Microsoft Excel/CSV

Change Log

All changes made to the schedule and time off requests are logged. A searchable change log is available to each administrator to provide full visibility and audits of your schedule.

  • Shift History
  • Differences Shown
  • Time Off History
  • Filters

Communication Features

Mass Notifications

PlanIt Police includes mass notifications that can be sent out through text, email, or phone (voice calls). Send the message to a few people, groups of people, or everyone, with just a few clicks. The voice blast feature allows you to call a phone number, record a message, and send it out to employee’s phones. They will receive the message and you will be able to see all the responses in real time as the call is being made. All records of communication are stored within PlanIt Police's archives for future reference.

  • All Employees
  • Responses
  • Group Selector
  • History
  • Filters
  • Emergency Notifications

Automatic Notifications

Nearly every action within PlanIt Police has an optional email, text, or PlanIt message that can be sent alerting those involved of the action.

  • 100+ Notifications
  • PlanIt Message
  • Email
  • Text Message


Upon logging into PlanIt Police, each employee is shown a list of announcements. Priority announcements will open automatically and can be configured to require a mandatory confirmation. All views and confirmations are logged and visible to administration.

  • Dashboard
  • Read Log
  • Confirmations
  • History

Document Storage

Each department using PlanIt Police has access to 10 gigabytes of document storage. Documents can be downloaded, based upon permissions, from any device by any registered employee within your department.

  • 10 gigabytes
  • Permission Based
  • Download Anywhere


A feature, similar to message boards, provides an area for group communication within your department.

  • Employee Wall
  • Administrator Wall
  • Department Wall
  • Supervisor Wall

PlanIt Messages

An internal message box system is available to all employees. This feature is designed to be similar to email but without the need to remember someone's email address. This feature works well for police departments that do not have an email server for all employees.

  • Read Receipts
  • Notifications
  • Department Wide
  • Named Base

Payroll Features

Hour Exporting

PlanIt Police combines and sums all your scheduled, time off, overtime, and holiday hours into a real time view of your hours per pay period.

  • Scheduled Hours
  • Holiday Hours
  • Configurable
  • Time Off Hours
  • OIC Hours
  • Export Files
  • Overtime Hours
  • Optional Time Clock
  • Comp Time Earned

Export Files

PlanIt Police's hour exporter uses 8 export files that work with all the most common payroll solutions. Each export file can be opened with Excel for departments using an in-house payroll department instead of an out-sourced payroll company.

  • ADP
  • Shift Detail
  • Hour Breakdown 3
  • All CSV Files
  • Top Level
  • Hour Breakdown 1
  • Hour Breakdown Sums
  • Total Hours
  • Hour Breakdown 2
  • Microsoft Excel


Each department’s approach to payroll is unique to contracts and local rules. We've created our hour exporter to be configurable to work with as many situations as possible.

  • Ranges
  • Time Off Calculations
  • Shift Rollover
  • Holidays
  • OT Forms
  • Timesheets


PlanIt Police supports configurable holidays to export holiday hours.

  • Configurable
  • Matching Hours
  • Automatic Hours


Provide access for each employee to view their timesheet in real time or after a pay period has ended. You can also request employees verify their timesheets or report issues directly on their timesheet.

  • Employee Access
  • Verify Timesheet
  • Publish or Immediate
  • Report Problems

Time Clocks

If your department is implementing time clocks, PlanIt Police has built-in software and biometric options. The time clock is configurable and will prompt for an explanation anytime a punch deviates from the schedule.

  • Software Clocks
  • Punch Adjustments
  • Logging
  • Biometric ($150/yr)
  • Approvals
  • Configurable
  • Reports

Additional Features

Employee Information

PlanIt Police can store all the common information regarding employees for easy access to those with permission.

  • Notes
  • Supervisor
  • Birth Date
  • Payroll #
  • Command #
  • PID
  • Platoons
  • Custom Fields
  • Email Addresses
  • Title
  • Color Coding
  • Annual Review
  • Badge #
  • State #
  • Barcode #
  • Jobs Held
  • Home Address
  • Text Messages
  • Last Login
  • OIC
  • Hire Date
  • Rank
  • Grade
  • Schedule ID
  • Employee Groups
  • Phone Numbers
  • Medical


If your law enforcement agency requires employees to hold and maintain certifications, PlanIt Police can track missing and expiring certifications.

  • Configurable
  • Expired
  • Expiring 60 Days
  • Status Lists
  • Expiring 10 Days
  • Expiring 90 Days
  • Notifications
  • Expiring 30 Days

Emergency Contact

An optional emergency contact form is available for employees to complete. The form can also require verification by each employee on a set interval to ensure the information is always up to date.

  • Configurable
  • Hospital Preference
  • Status List
  • Primary
  • Family Doctor
  • Secondary
  • Review Interval

Vehicle Checklist

Departments with an end-of-shift checklist for vehicles can create an electronic version within PlanIt Police. Employees can then submit the checklist along with any maintenance or equipment issues to streamline the maintenance of each vehicle.

  • Configurable
  • All History
  • Checklist Designer
  • Maintenance Problems
  • Status List
  • Equipment Problems

Course Builder

Course Builder is a feature where you create courses for employees to review and optionally be tested on. These courses can be created from slideshows or documents. Many police departments use this feature to assimilate policy changes.

  • Mandatory/Optional Courses
  • Slideshow
  • History
  • Tests
  • Documents
  • Time Logs
  • Surveys
  • Videos
  • Configurable

Loaned Equipment

This will allow you to keep track of equipment loaned to officers. PlanIt will warn you when equipment is needed to be replaced or is close to expiration.

  • Track Equipment
  • Due Dates
  • Warnings
  • Visibility