1.   Can your system handle 24/7 schedules such as Pitman schedules and rotations with Kelly time or short days?

Yes, PlanIt was built specifically for Law Enforcement. Our employee templates make it easy to create and maintain complex schedules in the PlanIt system.

2.   How much do setup, training, and support cost?

These services are no extra charge. We want to ensure your success with PlanIt so we offer these services for free. During setup, you will work with one of our setup specialists to configure your specific schedules and rotations. We will input all your personnel and configure the system for your department. After the setup is complete we will train you with a 2-3 hour long administrator training session including all the information you need to get up and running. Once we hand over the keys, you will have a fully functioning system ready to roll out. You will also have ongoing access to email and phone support as it is needed.

3.   Are we able to print the schedule?

Yes, through reports you can print the schedule as a whole month, a week, a day etc.

4.   How do we export our hours for payroll?

You can export all of your hours (regular, approved time off by bank, overtime by code) through PlanIt in a variety of CSV files that can be opened in Excel or easily imported by most payroll systems.

5.   How is overtime handled?

We have an overtime process that is really a submission for any time an officer works outside of their normal schedule. The system will have you choose what type of OT it is (internal overtime, grant work, special assignments, extra duties, etc.) and then when you export the payroll hours at the end of the pay period, it will split all of those hours out into separate columns. This makes it easy for billing vendors, reporting for grants and for allocating different rates to different types of work.

6.   Can we access PlanIt from our smart phone or tablet?

Yes! Our whole system is mobile friendly and work on all devices with a web browser or through our mobile app for iOS and Android devices. You can find the PlanIt Schedule app for download in the Google Play Store or in the App Store.

7.   Does your system automatically send notifications out? How?

Yes, we have automatic notifications that can be sent out through email and text. There are also options to make automated phone calls with replies.

8.   Is PlanIt user friendly?

YES. You can see some of the screens on our features page but to get a feel for how easy it really is to use, schedule a live demonstration.

9.   Do you provide assistance with the transition to PlanIt? We use paper/Excel currently for scheduling?

PlanIt will provide your initial setup, plugging in all of the essential information for your organization so that we can train you on the basics. If you’re nervous about switching, you’re not alone. That is why PlanIt provides free setup, training, and support. Our job is to make you successful, so we will be there any time you need us.

10.   How quickly can we get up and running?

Our typical turnaround time is 1-2 weeks. It depends on your needs and how quickly we can collect information from you to complete the full setup.

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