PlanIt Police is an online
scheduling system designed
for Police Departments

PlanIt Police Scheduling Software

PlanIt Police is the scheduling and communication system for Law Enforcement.

Simplify Scheduling

PlanIt’s scheduling tools meet the challenges your police department faces with 24x7 scheduling. Our scheduling tools include: time off requests, overtime forms, shift trades, master schedules, minimum staffing, open shifts, court appearances… [Read More]

Enhance Communications

An important part of scheduling is communication. PlanIt's communication tools include: internal messaging, email notifications, text message notifications, announcements, email, text, and voice blasts, department courses, document storage… [Read More]

Upfront Pricing

We don’t hide our pricing behind a contact form. Our subscription price is based upon the number of employees within your department to make it affordable to any size department's budget. All subscriptions receive free setup and training. [Read More]

I have used several scheduling programs in those years. By far, nothing has been as exceptional as this. I am beyond thrilled with the caliber of the program, employees, and customer service.

Chief Kim Yamashita
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Accessible Anywhere Anytime

PlanIt Police is available to all members of your department from any device with an internet connection. PlanIt is located within the largest cloud hosting provider located within the United States to ensure a fast and always available connection.

Eliminate your scheduling spreadsheets. Stop printing paper schedules. Move on from slow and complicated scheduling products that haven't been updated in years. It's time to use a modern scheduling solution designed for Police Departments.

PlanIt attends NYSACOP for the First Time

The PlanIt team will be attending the 2018 NYSACOP Vendor Exposition for the first time on May 9th.

  • By PlanIt Team
  • |
  • May 2018

PlanIt Returns to CODY Connect Conference

The PlanIt team will be returning to the CODY Connect Conference on May 1st and 2nd to display their law enforcement scheduling software.

  • By PlanIt Team
  • |
  • May 2018

PlanIt at the National Sheriffs’ Association Winter Expo

The PlanIt Schedule team will be attending the National Sheriffs’ Association Winter Expo in Washington, DC, for the first time.

  • By PlanIt Team
  • |
  • January 2018

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