New Feature: Platoon Schedule View

PlanIt has a new view of the schedule for all employees, called the "Platoon Schedule View". The view is centered on each platoon displaying in a one month schedule. Our vision was to reproduce the paper schedules we often see during the setup process for new departments coming onto PlanIt Police.

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New Feature Webinar 2/11/2015

On Wednesday, February 11th at 14:00 EST we will be hosting our first New Feature Webinar to release the new feature "Platoon Schedule View". During the 10 to 15 minute online presentation, I will explain the new feature and how to customize it to fit your department's needs.

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Settings Consolidation

As PlanIt has grown the settings for various new features were typically placed somewhere within the feature or within the feature's menu. The result has led to some confusion and a mess of settings.

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Multiple Approval Time Off Requests

We're excited to release a frequently requested feature: multiple approvals for time off requests. When this new optional feature is enabled you can gather input from more than one person for time off requests. Once a time off request review has met the needs of your department's policies a final approve (or decline) can be issued to complete the process.

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Create Schedule Tool Update

We've released an update this afternoon to the "Create Schedule" tool. One of the most important tools, Create Schedule tool allows you to open up new weeks of your schedule for editing or viewing.

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