Open Shift Approving Enhancements

We've added a new way to look at your pending open shift requests and a new a customizable scoring system to help decide how to award extra shifts.

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New Settings Available

We're continuing to make PlanIt more configurable by expanding upon our available settings. In this round, our focus was on new scheduling settings.

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New Feature: Automatic Breaks

We've often been asked what to do when you have an employee who works 8 - 5 but is only paid for 8 hours instead of 9 hours. Starting today we have a new answer to that question with our Automatic Breaks feature.

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Summer Update

We're excited to announce the first phase of our summer update. We will have several more updates coming out over the next few weeks as we finish the features we've been working on this summer.

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PlanIt Police will be at the PCPA Annual Conference

PlanIt Police is a proud 3 Shield Partner of the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association and we will be at the PCPA Annual Conference this July 12th and 13th.

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